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Friday Food Night + Whole Foods = Full Bellies and Bright Futures


The Spot’s most recent Friday Food Night transported us out of the youth center and down the street to Whole Foods Market!

Luckily for us, it was super nice afternoon so the walk was really pleasant.

Once we arrived, our youth were able to meet with Caesare and Sarah from Whole Foods Wellness Center. They both shared their professional journey and how Whole Foods provided them with opportunities to grow and reconnect with the community. Most importantly, they both shared the benefits of working at Whole Foods and how to stand out from the hundreds of applicants they receive. Without a doubt, that truly excited our youth and The Spot will be working with them to get their resumes ready! Then of course, we got to grub on spinach lasagne and salad with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing, which none of our youth have ever tried. Although, we were not able to convert our carnivores into vegetarians or vegans, we did manage to get an acknowledgement from them that it is possible to have a tasty vegetarian meal that can fill you up!!

Many thanks to the friendly staff of Whole Foods for your generosity and support!

Enjoy the pictures below!

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