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Bridging generations! image courtesy of Forward Together

If you like to make art or perform, check out this great opportunity to get involved!

Our intern, Priscilla, is curating an art gallery for her senior thesis project and needs your help. Check it out!


The Gener-Asian Gap is a gallery exhibition featuring a rich mix of local, multi-generational artists depicting their experiences with the generation gap within their families.

What is a generation gap?

A generation gap occurs when families feel disconnected and removed from each other. Asian American youth often find themselves in a delicate balance and are caught between two different set of cultural values that usually contradict one another. On one hand, they want to acculturate to mainstream America, but on the other hand, they want to please their parents and maintain their Asian identity and values. From language to cultural barriers, the generation gap has affected us all in some way and is a part of our lives.

The pieces featured are created by local artists of all ages. For the first time, both sides of the story will be told – one by the youth of Oakland, and one by Parents and older folks. How often do you ever get an emotional outlet for these issues? The pieces collectively share our struggles, successes, and how the generation gap affects us.

CALL TO ARTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you would be interested in participating in such an event, PLEASE HIT US UP! We are looking for some bangin’ people of all ages and ethnicities to share your stories and express yourself! Don’t worry about skill levels or being “good enough” – telling your story is the main goal. Please contact Priscilla Hoang at metwestpriscillah@gmail.com or message CYCI with your name, age, contact info (phone and email), and medium of art you’d like to share.

Thank you! We L-U-V our community and hope to hear from you soon!

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