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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board members bring unique knowledge and skills to ensure the visibility and sustainability of The Spot. During the Beta Phase of The Spot, the CYCI Advisory Board’s role will be to guide and drive the short-term goals and visions of the youth center. Short-term goals include, increasing the visibility of the youth center throughout the community; sustaining the youth center through increased resources and funding; and strengthening the collaborative program model. Additionally, the Advisory Board will be responsible, in conjunction with The Spot’s staff, for positioning The Spot to attain its long-term goal to develop a permanent youth center space in Oakland Chinatown.

The Advisory Board will be responsible for supporting the following short-term goals during the Beta Phase:

Goal 1: Increasing the visibility of the youth center throughout the community

The Advisory Board’s role in supporting this goal will be to cultivate relationships between the youth center and other community stakeholders in and around Chinatown. This includes sharing information and updates about The Spot to those who are not directly involved. Advisory Board members will also support and help build key political relationships to ensure that the youth center’s goals and objectives are at the forefront of the appropriate City and County level discussions.

Goal 2: Sustaining the youth center through increased resources and funding

The Advisory Board will help to identify funding opportunities to support the operations and programs of the youth center. This includes speaking to funders on behalf of the youth center, making introductions to youth center staff and potential funders, and providing guidance on potential funding opportunities. The members will also help to identify and provide guidance for possible collaborations with other entities to share resources.

Goal 3: Strengthening the collaborative program model 

The Advisory Board will guide and support the vision of the collaborative model of the youth center through general oversight of the performance and evaluation of the programs, staff, and the collaborative partners. Advisory Board members will work with The Spot Director to ensure the effectiveness of the collaboration and provide feedback and guidance on areas in need of improvement.


Advisory Board Structure

Advisory Board members include individuals who are invested in supporting and driving the efforts to achieve the short and long-term goals of The Spot. These individuals include: executive leadership members of collaborating partners, local elected officials and/or their staff, youth leaders, and other community stakeholders. The Board will consist of 8 to 10 members. Two Advisory Board members will be selected to be Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs will be responsible for co-facilitating the board meetings and acting as the liaison between the Board and the Director of The Spot.


Current Advisory Board Members:


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