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Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee will work with CYCI staff and collaborative partners to strengthen The Spot’s donor circles, develop ideas for fundraising events and activities, and raise awareness and visibility for the youth center. The Fundraising Committee is committed to working on the following goals and objectives:


1.    Support sustainability of the youth center through grassroots fundraising
2.    Increase visibility and awareness of The Spot
3.    Develop relationships with community stakeholders and potential allies


1.    Develop ideas for fundraising through innovative activities and events
2.    Share information about the youth center in appropriate spaces to garner community support
3.    Strengthen and connect the youth center with potential allies and donors


Current Fundraising Committee Members:

Carl Chan
James Chen
Kit Cho
Eric Lau
Elaine Lew-Smith
Joanne Li
Karolyn Wong
Michael Lok (Chair)
Hunter Marshall
Tiffany Saechao
Mina Scott
Michael Tran
Sherilyn Tran
Sarah Wilson


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