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Program Collaborative Model

Guided by a needs assessment survey conducted in Spring 2008 with over 500 young people, the CYCI identified the overarching theme of Ready for the Future. Youth requests for job preparation and training exceeded the many other support options offered in the survey.  The CYCI identified the following program content areas for The Spot and conceptualize as well as articulate them within the theme of preparing young people for their futures.  See the next page for diagram.

At the heart of The Spot’s programming is the healthy development of youth in many facets of their lives so they can thrive now and in the future.  This will be accomplished by providing:

Core programming in the content areas of Job Training and College Readiness; Arts, Culture, and Heritage; and Health and Wellness

A three-tiered pathway for increasing youth engagement in peer leadership, decision-making, and staffing of The Spot, both as a center-wide coordinating body as well as in each core programming area. Youth development is a strategy woven throughout the programming.

Focused support for marginalized youth and youth facing serious challenges through case management, provision of sensitive services, crisis intervention, and a conflict resolution team

Furthermore, while The Spot coordinates services within the network, it will focus on active collaboration as well as some integration between program content areas in order to leverage high-interest activities (such as arts) and services that are harder to get youth into (such as therapy).  The CYCI plans to identify an anchor partner agency for each content area.

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