The Spot Youth Center

The Teams

Meet our teams for AHSYP and Banteay Srei for 2018-2019

AHS Youth Program


AHS Youth Program

Denise Lee, Youth Program Coordinator

My hope for the young people that come through The Spot is that they leave each time feeling loved and seen, confident in who they are, ready to take on whatever challenge, and empowered.”


Danielle Miguel, Community Health Specialist

I hope that within the next year, the youth who engage with our programs and services will be able to confidently hone their leadership abilities to support not only AHS youth programming, but to empower their peers, families, and communities.”


Emily Yang, Community Health Specialist

My goals for the youth that I work with is to promote self care, self expression, and empower them to follow their passions.

Desirae Sotto, Youth Program Associate (Public Allies Fellow)

I hope the youth I serve and work with will develop leadership skills and styles and be able to confidently articulate their passions and interests.”

Maria Palaroan, OYEA Co-coordinator

“I love working with youth because they are inspiring and that’s why I’m at The Spot!!”

Ralph Leaño Atanacio, OYEA Co-coordinator

“I am here as a MOVE fellow because I know how important it is to cultivate the growth of youth that will be at the forefront of movements in the future.”

Banteay Srei

Hamida Yusufzai, Program Manager

I love to serve young people and I am living my dream every day, serving at The Spot. My hope for the youth is that they feel fear, and do it anyway!”

Krystal Win, Community Health Specialist

My goals for the youth are for them to be empowered, spread the spirit of sisterhood, denormalize rape culture, and be agents of change.”

Kimmie Tran, Banteay Srei Fellow in Residence

“I hope to make lasting bonds with youth here at The Spot, as well as provide support through contributing to the community space and making youth feel at home.”